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Mini soap flower bouquet with dry filler.

As the items are handmade basis, hence photos are only for illustration purposed!
But we will assure you, items made will be quality products!

由于这些物品都是手工制作的,所以要1天时间处理哦!我们会提供贺卡并为您写贺卡,请联系/留言给我们客服(SHOPEE)We will provide greeting cards and write greeting cards for you, please contact / leave a message to our Customer Service Hotline :010-2067454

香皂花使用 ,用手轻轻搅动,使洁肤花瓣完全溶解并开成在丰富的泡沫,然后就可以享受泡泡浴给你带来的快乐。 也可不将洁肤花瓣溶掉,让其漂浮在水面慢慢溶解,从面带给你鲜花沐浴的享受。 沐浴完毕,将身凶妹上的泡沫冲洗干净即可。

Soap flowers are flowers that were made in various shapes using soap. It not only has a beautiful appearance, but also a very high practicality. Therefore, soap flower has become a one of the top choice for gifts.
To use the soap flower, scrub it gently with your hands until its completely dissolve and blooms into a rich foam to enjoy a great bubble bath session. It is not necessary to dissolve the petals, you may just let them float against the water surface to enjoy a relaxing bath. Once done, rinse off and you are good to go!
How to preserve soap flower? Store the soap flower at room temperature and avoid sun exposure. Do keep on eye at your room moisture level to prevent from dissolve. As long as you do these points, the soap flowers in your room will remain beautiful and pleasant for a long time.